Monday, September 23, 2013

Strawberry Fields: photos with Two If by Sea Photography

A few months ago, I was able to team up with Kaitlyn Ray of Two if By Sea Photography to take some photos to celebrate the start of my business and being the best mom I can be to Krew. I took Krew to the strawberry fields of Carlsbad (something we had wanted to do for a while now) where we picked, ate, and got a little muddy. It was probably the easiest photos we have ever taken because it was me and my little boy just playing as we do. 

Looking at these photos, I love seeing Krew's little face covered in strawberry juice and our feet a little muddier than before. I cherish how Kaitlyn captured us-- the wonderful love of a mother and her son. I will treasure these beautiful photos forever. Thank you, Kaitlyn!
You can view more here on her site here!

Kaitlyn of Two If by Sea Photography is having a great promo right now: 
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Salt Lake City Area - the same promo will be honored now through 11/15 if you book by the end of September!
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Friday, August 2, 2013

more camping please

A few days ago we returned from our yearly trip from camping at mammoth pools which ended up not being at mammoth pools but that's another story. I can't tell you how much I: 1) dislike packing for camping trips and setting up... such a pain. and 2. Enjoyed camping! I needed this! Being out camping with my family with no phones, no internet, no errands, no things to do. It was truly bliss and as much as I was sick of the dirt, I am kind of wishing I was back (after I got in a hot shower).  But we're back to real life and Cameron and I have some awesome trips planned for August but at the same time it could be the busiest month of our marriage yet! That camping trip was exactly what we needed to charge up for August... but we are kind of left wanting more.

Have a happy friday! I am making decorations for a quickly pulled together birthday party for my little cowboy Krew! (I still can't believe he is three... more on that later)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

my big boy

I seriously am in awe that this boy of mine is turning 3 on Sunday! I look at him as he sleeps and see these long tan legs and think, Whoa.. what happened to my baby??? He is sweeter than ever and I am always so thankful for Krew. He's my son and my little sidekick who I am so grateful to spend my day with!
And even though he is almost three, his mom still dresses him in overalls. :)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

i'm still here!

I'm still here! I'm still here! I haven't forgotten about this dear blog of mine. This last month has just been the craziest month of my life yet so fulfilling. My amount of sleep has been cut in half and exercising has never been so sparse but soon it will all get adjusted. You see, I'm working very hard on starting my wedding planning business (Bon Wed) which has been terribly exciting since event planning has been a dream of mine since... well, forever. I plan to still update and I can't wait to start launching soon! As for now, check out my guest post on Nicole's blog over here!

p.s. when did a pokey cacti ever become so soothing?

p.s.s you can always find me at my personal instagram but you can also find me at @bon_wed !

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

flying a kite... or trying to.

All week I had planned to fly a kite on Sunday as a family since our month of April has pretty much been the busiest month of our lives. no joke. At night Cameron and I just look at each other not knowing how we are going to get everything done. This is the time in my life where I truly feel that the saying "there aren't enough hours in the day" has been more real and true to us. Or maybe it has turned into "there aren't enough hours in the day so I'll just sacrifice my sleep." That's more like it. But it's all a good busy-- just a bit overwhelming. and sleep depriving.
So we tried this little kite but it just didn't want to stay up in the air. It made us feel better when the super-into-kites-people next to us could barely get their 6 footer kite to stay up. Krew was a bit bummed but we tried to make up with a little scooter ride.
It was still a pleasant day where we could enjoy each other and do nothing. Maybe the wind will cooperate for us next time. I'm feeling like this little kite, just trying to keep up in the air, keep ahead of my never ending to-do list. But good things will come in the wind when we work hard. I'm sure they will!

Kite fails and camera focusing fails ^  hahaha

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

family photos with Two if by Sea Photography

^ That last photo just makes me melt. I still can feel everything in that moment of this shot.

The morning before our photos with Kaitlyn, we were rushing around being terribly late, trying to get little Krew ready and happy, and my hair wasn't settling the way I wanted it to. bah! And when it comes to family pictures, I don't think it comes super naturally to us. As soon as we got there, it was easy, it was real, and it was us. And that is what is most important. Kaitlyn was great to work with and is always easy to talk to. Thank you for making us feel at home! And real!! See for yourself in the photos! Getting these in the mail was like a holiday, seeing all this family love bottled up in these photos--such a true treasure. I couldn't help but fall in love with how she captures the beauty of nature as well as the subjects in her photos. Everything in her photos was so real and fresh. (And I always love the photos she does for Nat the fat Rat blog!) Click here to see more of her work!

Kaitlyn, Two if by Sea Photography, is offering a special spring deal, HALF off (50% off folks!) any session if you book from now until May!
And folks, she's coming to Southern CA specifically in May and stay tuned for hot deals to come! (and of course 20% off anytime to my readers!)
You should book her!

Monday, March 25, 2013

date night

^ the handsome face of stop taking pictures we are on a date. :)
 On Friday night, we were in great need of a date. I have figured out that if we go too long without one, we start feeling it. We need some time where it's just the two of us on a night out even if it's not for very long. Cameron surprised me with planning a date to get burgers near the beach and then after we looked in a few art galleries for fun. It was refreshing. Yay for dates and perfect spring nights! Thanks hun!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

three things that were really awesome this week

Three things that were really awesome this week:
1. Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray- Holy moly I love this stuff. I swear it makes my dry shampoo last 2 days longer. I have always loved the feeling of having salty hair from the ocean and man does this stuff hit the spot. And the nice thing, only $4-$5 at CVS. awesome.
2. The app- Not only am I a lover of salty hair but a lover of to-do lists! I love lists of all kinds and this (free) app makes me so happy. p.s. turn your phone side ways while using this app and see the magic! Does anyone else have any other awesome list or organizational apps that they love? I would love to know!
3. This kid. You are my little ray of sunshine. xox
Have an awesome weekend!
And hopefully I can find time to fix this dumb header of mine. bah.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

tea for 10

 A few weeks ago, I held a very special birthday Tea Party for my very lovely 10-year-old sister. I enjoyed decorating and doing the flowers so that the tea party would feel elegant. I forgot what an enjoyable age 10 is-- they don't think they are too cool for everything yet they are smart and fun. The second these little ladies put on their pair of gloves that were placed at each setting, they lifted pinkies and were extremely proper. They made party hats for their dolls they brought and then later decorated cupcakes. The little ladies nibbled on tiny treats and filled their teacups with sparkling juices. Fifteen years ago, I had my 10-year-old birthday party here in this very house where all my friends arrived in dresses and hats. It was wonderful to relive this little memory again and hear giggles all around the same table as my grandma Cordy would have loved and wished for.